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Customer Satisfaction - Happy Customer receiving delivery


The proximity of Geodis to its customers relies on ambitious quality approached, as well as on the deployment of innovative services.

Through its offer, its networks, its services, its processes, its information systems, its innovations, its organization even, Geodis strives toward one single goal: Customer Satisfaction.

Every project starts with this, every action supports this goal. As a service company, Geodis founds its growth on the constant improvement of its responses to customers, solutions designed for their current and future needs.

Business team at laptopIn particular, this approach determines its quality measures. In 2003, all of the activities of Geodis France, Geodis Europe and Geodis BM with ISO 9001 or 9002 certification will have to meet the latest requirements in the field, which favor results, rather than procedures--an approach that is already largely followed by the group.

Among the new limitations, the ISO 9001 (2000) standard requires the implementation of indicators of effectiveness for production and customer/associate satisfaction. These are tools already in use within the group's various divisions, particularly at Geodis France, in the framework of the TCS approach (Total Customer Satisfaction).

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