Geodis Know-How

A privileged partner of industrial firms and distribution, Geodis is a recognized specialist in distribution logistics. Several hundred million square meters are dedicated to logistics services.

An expert approach built on knowledge of your market
Our research and development department puts at your disposition teams specialized in engineering operations that can accommodate your strategic developments. Their innovation capacity grows each day through by capitalizing on in-house and outside knowledge:

  • Observation of the development of applicable standards and techniques (current contracts, in-house monitoring and competition monitoring),
  • Development and nourishment of a system for sharing knowledge and good practices.

Services that create value
> We offer you personalized solutions that are adapted to the specific characteristics of your products and markets.
> At the operational level, we manage all types of multi- and single-client platforms.
> For your promotional and regulated operations, we offer co-packing, labeling, stickering, etc.
> We manage the "Build To Order" delivery processes to reduce your logistics expenses.
> Our ERP-interfacing information systems allow you to master all aspects of your logistics activities.
> Geodis, an associate member at the European level of TAPA, has implemented a policy for ensuring the security of its logistics chain.
> Trend charts enable you to monitor our commitments on a regular basis.

Logistics Services
> Factory inflow/outflow logistics: receipt, stock management, provisioning of production chains, quality control, customs/tax representation.
> Distributor storage logistics: receipt, stock management, order preparation.
> Cross-docking: receipt, consolidation of pre-allotted orders, distribution.
> PFE (wayport): preparation of orders in tight flows based on receipts (non-allotted) for the day.
> Value-added services: personalization, packaging, assembly, co-packing, etc.
> Call center, sales administration: order taking, management of disputes.
> Distribution: distribution oversight (air & sea freight, batches, 1/2 batches, priority service, express), specialized distribution with installation at user site, start-up.

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