• Transport, a new component of differentiation.
    In a highly competitive world, the offer of companies is becoming more and more comprehensive: beyond of the intrinsic quality of products and their prices, companies must strive to add value to all of their services to differentiate their offer.

In this context, the nature of the transport business is changing: in the past, service was banal without any real added value; now transport is increasingly becoming a full-fledged component of the offer.
Like all aspects of its offer, transport must contribute to the differentiation that every business seeks to establish: price differentiation and/or differentiation through the services built around the product.

  • Transportation, a balance to be found between personalization and industrialization
    Making transport an element of differentiation compared to the competition requires that a firm develop made-to-order services that mesh perfectly with the company's production, commercial or organizational limitations.
    The service provided by the partner transport must thus be personalized for each company.
    At the same time, the need to increase productivity implies the adoption of industrial transportation plans. Reconciling personalization and industrialization is the new challenge facing the transport business and it must start with the transport logistics provider.

  • Flow management
    Before, transport was still limited to the physical conveyance of material, but it now encompasses the notion of flow management: product flows at the core, but also information flows in parallel with financial flows.
    The transport provider thus moves from the role of an operator/sub-contractor to that of a manager/overseer creating value through service.
    From now on, the notion of service quality includes not just the proper realization of transport services, but also the implementation of an ongoing improvement system to provide our customers with optimal service.
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