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In order to face the continuing growth of flows, Geodis Calberson innovates and makes available to its customers and recipients through its Internet site a range of interactive solutions to make their exchanges simpler, more reliable and more rapid.
These very practical services help our customers save a considerable amount of time :

  • Woman typingBy allowing them to adjust the scheduling of their order preparations more closely and thus optimize their supply chain,
  • by ensuring them of the reliable delivery of packages they submit to us,
  • by giving them direct, secure access to particular information that improves the responsiveness of their post-sales service teams,
  • by conveying to them preventive information that lets them be proactive,
  • by notifying their own customers, and making services directly available to them,
  • by facilitating their exchanges with our agencies and those of their customers with our delivery agencies.

As of today, more than 10,000 customers are benefiting from the services offered
by e-sp@ces.

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