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Hand holding a CDGeodis operates information technologies to allow its customers to benefit from the best-performing solutions so they can follow in real time the smooth execution of physical operations managed by Geodis

By according the same attention to the management of physical flows and information flows, Geodis offers for all its activities, high value-added solutions in line with the expectations and specificities of each of its customers.

Geodis information systems are :

  • Applications developed from our own specifications for managing
    our business,
  • EDI and the interconnection of in-house information systems with those of
    our customers and partners (1 million messages/day and 1500 EDI links),
  • 4,000 terminals at customer sites,
  • interactive services at the Calberson and France Express web sites,
  • a partnership with IBM Global Services,
  • market places with shippers (Teleroute, Nettrans),
  • Track and Trace tools available for all of our services
    on the Internet or via EDI,
  • Warehouse management solutions adapted to the different profiles of
    our customers..

Man logging packagesDiscover our information systems offer:

  • Esp@ce
  • Onboard computer systems
  • EDI
  • Logistics Information systems
  • Cristal
  • Geodis BM Information systems
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