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Man checking a computer screenGeodis's know-how in the filed of warehouse management is based on its full understanding of the information system devoted to this line of business.

Geodis uses two primary warehouse management tools on an AS400 platform :

  • ALTESSE, a tool developed and maintained by Geodis
  • G.E.O.D.E, a software package sold by CLE128, a subsidiary of ADONIX.
    GEODIS has also developed an NT platform tool, MillenniuM, to handle simple or small-sized cases.

Numerous possibilities for configuration :
These products manage all activities at a warehouse and offer significant capacity for personalization :

  • They adapt to multi-customer warehouses just as easily as to dedicated warehouses. The types of warehouses can also be varied: distribution, production, transit platform,
  • They handle product nomenclature, multiple references (shipper; commercial; supplier; manufacturer, etc.) and their multiple packaging schemes.
  • They manage series and batch numbers and different dates, thereby offering tracking options for the entire logistics chain

Computerised exchanges programme

Varied, optimized processes
Functions integrated into this software makes it possible to easily configure activities and optimize them.

For example: entry checks, palettization under duress, optimized multi-criteria preparation, various modes of bundling and secondary bundling, inventories, etc.

The ALTESSE and G.E.O.D.E. solutions can also manage activities with radiofrequency, ensuring control and trackability of flows.
They can also oversee equipment for preparation, bundling and kitting: Pick to Light systems, weighing systems, conveyer systems, etc.

These oversight functions allow for greater flexibility to adapt processes to the needs of the logistics profile, whether for a storage facility upstream of production, a health or high-tech products distribution warehouse or spare parts management

Hand holding a device to scan packagesAward-winning Altesse
Thanks to its advanced functions, the Altesse product has been recognized in particular as an innovative tool in pharmaceutical product management. Two trophies have recently been awarded to Geodis in this area:

  • "2002 Award for Electronic Commerce and Tracking Pioneers" sponsored by Gencod EAN France
  • Nomination for at the "Sixth Edition of the Logistics Performance Awards" sponsored by Aslog*

A central, secure production platform

Interconnections with our customers and AS400 applications for warehouse management are hosted in the GEODIS logistic IT center, which has physical security systems and data security systems (real time back-up system).

Production monitoring and the call center are operated by IBM Global services in the framework of a multi-year service agreement.

Network Frame Relay Geodis

Large coverage upstream and downstream

GEODIS has developed considerable know-how in the area of computerized exchanges :

  • with our customers (expected entries, stock movement, order preparation, order taking, etc.)
  • with carriers involved with the management of the case (delivery form, delivery confirmation slip).
  • with our customers' suppliers to manage provisioning (VMI approach: Vendor's Management Inventory).

Woman working at computerHence Geodis's solutions are fully integrated into the flow of information between our partners' systems:

  • Customers :
    - Production management
    - Commercial management
    - Stock management
  • Supplier-type customers (VMI) :
    - Stock management

  • Suppliers :
    - Purchase management
  • Carriers:
    - Transportation management

These exchanges, which rely on EDI standards, ensure strong synchronization with our customers' commercial systems and allow us to ensure tracking for all products upstream (reprovisioning, etc.) and downstream from the warehouse (monitoring of delivery notifications, etc.)

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